Ultrasound Studies

Active Projects

Hospitalist Point-of-Care Ultrasound Prior Experience and Educational Needs, A National Needs Assessment Survey of Hospitalist Physicians and Advanced Practice Practitioners

This project will consist of a local and national survey to assess the level of training and experience of using point-of-care ultrasounds (POCUS) among clinical hospitalists. Applications for POCUS use and differences between hospitalists practicing in academic versus non-academic settings will be evaluated.

Probe Motion Tracking to Objectively Assess Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Funding Agency: COPIC Medical Foundation

This project will generate objective competency criteria for diagnostic and procedural applications of bedside clinical ultrasound. By identifying criteria for minimal competence, the potential for diagnostic and procedural errors related to ultrasound being used in the clinical environment can be reduced. 

Teaching Bedside Lung Ultrasound to Novice Learners: Web-Based E-Learning Versus Traditional Classroom Lecture

This project will assess whether web-based teaching is as effective as traditional classroom lectures in improving proficiency of novice learners in recognizing pheumothorax and pleural effusion on ultrasound. 


Completed Projects

Critical Care Ultrasound: A Survey of Physicians


Does a Two-Week Ultrasound Curriculum Progress Emergency Medicine Residents to a Level 3 Goal Directed Ultrasound Milestone? 


Measurement of Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter by Ultrasound as Proxy for Intracranial Pressure Before Lumbar Puncture in South African Patients with Suspected M. Tuberculosis Meningitis

Ultrasound for Penetrating Trauma in Resource Limited Environments

Dehydration Resuscitation Index by ED Ultrasonography: The Dried US Study


Time to Diagnosis and Length of Stay for Emergency Department Pelvic Ultrasonography

Barriers to Performing Emergency Ultrasound to Diagnose Intrauterine Pregnancy versus Ectopic Pregnancy in the Pediatric Emergency Department

Clinical Predictors of False-Negative FAST Examinations in Pediatric Patients with Blunt Abdominal Trauma

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