Other Studies

Active Projects

Multi-Institutional Online Database For Implementation and Validation of the NCAT-EM:  A Consensus-Derived Tool For Clinical Assessment of Medical Students in Emergency Medicine

Funding Agency: Emergency Medicine Foundation, Coordinated by University of Arizona

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the newly developed National Clinical Assessment Tool in Emergency Medicine (NCAT-EM) for clinical assessment of medical students at multiple diverse emergency medicine clerkship sites across the U.S.

Pediatric Case Variability in Emergency Medicine Residency: A Pilot Study

Funding Agency: Boston Children's Hospital

The purpose of this study is to describe the current pediatric emergency medicine (PEM) training of general emergency medicine residents across the US. There is very little data about the actual extent of PEM training that general EM physicians receive during their training, including how many lectures they receive, where their clinical rotations tend to be and how many pediatric patients they see during their training. The purpose of this study is to describe the current pediatric EM training across multiple institutions to gain a better understand of thevariability and PEM exposure of EM residency training.

Women's Health Study

Funding Agency: NIH

This is a multi-site project is led by the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. The Denver Health SANE Program is one of 12 sites across the US participating in this 5 year project examining the recovery process of female sexual assault victims.

Completed Projects

Increased Prescribing Compliance Among Emergency Department Providers Using a Smart Phone Application

Impact of Scribes on Resident Productivity in an Urban Safety Net Emergency Department

Effects of Wrist Extension on Radial Artery Size

Surveillance for Argranulocytoisis/Vasculitis Caused by Cocaine Contaminated with Levamisole

Outpatient Alcohol Withdrawal and Intoxication Treatment

Adherence to Evidence-Based Guidelines: An Analysis of Knowledge Translation

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