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Funding Agency: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

Early identification of undiagnosed HIV infection remains a critical public health priority. The research proposed in this project will evaluate the effectiveness of 3 rapid HIV screening methods, including a novel targeted strategy, in urban emergency department settings in the United States. The results of this study will help inform public health practices of how best to identify patients with whom to test for HIV infection in this important clinical setting,  in an effort to improve the timeliness of diagnosis and linkage-to-care.

Specific Aim 1: To evaluate and compare the effectiveness of targeted and nontargeted rapid HIV screening strategies when fully-integrated into ED settings

Specific Aim 2: To measure and compare programmatic costs associated with implementation of targeted and nontargeted rapid HIV screening strategies when fully-integrated into ED settings

Specific Aim 3: To measure and compare ED operational processes and crowding when targeted and nontargeted rapid HIV screening strategies are fully-integrated into ED care.

Please Click Here for the full Study Protocol.

Patient and Staff Satisfaction with Nontargeted and Targeted HIV Screening Strategies in the Emergency Department

This project will determine if there are differences in patient and staff satisfaction among 3 different methods to screen for HIV in the Adult Emergency Department, Pediatric Emergency Department, and Adult Urgent Care Center at Denver Health.

Rapid HIV Testing in Unscheduled Ambulatory Care Settings at Denver Health Medical Center
Funding Agency: Colorado HIV/AIDS Prevention Program

The purpose of this project is to evaluate rapid HIV testing in unscheduled ambulatory care settings at Denver Health Medical Center (DHMC). Rapid HIV testing has been performed at the DHMC ED since October 2004, in the Adult Urgent Care Center (AUCC) since September 2007, and in the Denver Emergency Center for Children (DECC), a pediatric emergent and urgent care center at DHMC, since October 2008. In all three of these settings physician-directed targeted rapid HIV testing is the standard of care.  In addition to this physician-directed diagnostic HIV testing, we utilize triage nurses to conduct an HIV risk assessment (the Denver HIV Risk Score) on all eligible unscheduled ambulatory care patients and target patients at increased risk for having undiagnosed HIV infection for testing.

Completed Projects


The HIV Opt-Out Trial

Evaluation of Targeted HIV Screening Using the Denver HIV Risk Score in the Emergency Department

Patient Satisfaction with Nurse-Initiated Risk-Targeted Rapid HIV Testing in the Emergency Department

Understanding HIV Screening Experiences in an Urban Pediatric Emergency Department: A Mixed Methods Study

Evaluation of Patients' Understanding of Kiosk-Based Consent for Rapid HIV Screening in Ambulatory Care Settings at Denver Health

Assessment of the Denver HIV Risk Score in the Emergency Department

Assessment of Patient Acceptance of the New Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines for Routine HIV Testing

Derivation and Validation of a Clinical Prediction Rule for HIV Seropositivity in the Emergency Department

HIV Testing in Emergency Departments in the United States: A National Survey

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