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Survey of Paramedic Opinion on Education For and Use of Ketamine for the Excited Delirium Patient

This project will collect data about the experience of Denver Health Paramedics with the administration of ketamine for patients with excited delirium. The survey will gather data related to: (a) paramedic opinions related to the use of ketamine for excited delirium patients generally; (b) the education used to equip paramedics to identify patients with excited delirium; and (c) paramedics' experience with the administration of ketamine. 

Prehospital Ketamine Use for Severe Agitation in the Setting of Synthetic Cannabinoid Toxicity

This study aims to retrospectively describe the prehospital presentation and clinical course of patients who receive prehospital ketamine in the setting of severe agitation and synthetic cannabinoid toxicity. Results of this study will help physicians and paramedics recognize and treat synthetic cannabinoid exposures as well as understand the risks and benefits of using prehospital ketamine to treat exposures in the future.

An Evaluation of the Burden of Alcohol Consumption in an Urban EMS System

The purpose of the study is to evaluate information related to the role of alcohol in EMS calls in order to describe the burden of alcohol on the Denver Health Paramedic Division (DHPD) system. We will evaluate information from calls that involved alcohol consumption to characterize the problem of alcohol, its impact on the DHPD system and resource utilization.

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